'Michael Williams - Det Fint Nok' - Cinematography 'Saxogade - Den Sociale Handelsgade' - Directing, cinematography, editing, sound design

A short film discussing the voluntary work done by The Settlement in inner Copenhagen, regarding the evolution of a local street.

'Future Growth - Nespresso Partnership' - Directing, cinematography, editing, sound design

A short film delving into the small start-up firm Future Growth's partnership and concept designs for Nespresso.

'Embi Tec - The History of the MiniOne' - Directing, cinematography, editing, sound design

A behind-the-scenes look at the concepts and ideas behind Embi Tec's revolutionary MiniOne electrophoresis unit. This was also shot on location in San Diego, USA.

'Arbejdstitel' - Writing, directing, editing, sound design

The final production of film class is a mockumentary about a group of students attempting to make a film. The film received two awards at the school's annual film festival.

'Danish Internet Awards 2016 - Welcome' - Cinematography, editing

This short introduction video had to be planned, shot, and edited within a few hours to be presentable for the entire crowd of the Danish Internet Awards 2016. A stressful, but fun challenge. Shot and edited with Lucas Helth.

'A City Awakens' - Cinematography, editing, sound design

For film class, we were tasked with conceptualising, shooting, and editing a factual documentary-style piece within a few weeks' time. Undoubtedly a team effort, albeit one resulting in some really early calls in the morning.

'Intro to the MiniOne' - Cinematography, editing, sound design, directing

An example of some of the videos I shot for Embi Tec in San Diego. A truly fantastic experience.

'Ryk Verden' - Cinematography, editing, sound design, directing

A short, promoting educational material on constructive journalism. Shot along with my friend, Lucas.

'Forfulgt' - Cinematography, editing, sound design

The final production for our first year in Film Class, telling the story of a paranoid teenager feeling stalked by his ex. Once again, a great collaborative effort.

'Romeo & Julie - Behind the Scenes' - Cinematography, editing, sound design

A behind-the-scenes look at my school's annual musical. A great collaboration with my friend, Lucas, on this one.

'Ode to Idealism' - Cinematography

Directed by Lucas Helth, this project was a lot of fun due to the rather raw location we were in, as well as the rather strange and interesting ideas he had. A blast.

'The Ball' - Directing, cinematography, editing

The first short we ever did for the CMA Productions YouTube channel. Only three people were involved in the entire piece. The entire concept was conceived, shot, and edited in one day.

'Scooter' - cinematography, editing

I've never been involved in shooting any sorts of skateboarding, scooters, and whatnot. That was my main interest in doing something like this, and with the help from my friend Michael, I'm quite pleased with the result. I've never had to run this fast with my Glidecam.


Photography has been a hobby dear to my heart for nearly a decade, and my skills have improved over my years of doing it. Here is a tidbit of examples that I have taken over the years, and I hope a certain style of images is apparent. All of these images can also be seen on my Instagram account @thejuliuskamper.


Who am I?


I'm a 19 year-old Danish cinematographer and photographer, living in Copenhagen. I've had interest in filmmaking and photography for the better half of my life, starting out in kindergarten by stealing my dad's camera, and ever since I've been keen on capturing beauty, both in images, but also on film. Being stuck in school at the moment, I'm always pressed for time when it comes to filmmaking, but I'm always thinking of concepts I'd like to work on, many of which are being worked on as I'm writing this. I love watching films, I love making films, and I certainly love talking about it all.


I'm attending Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole on my third and final year. I've never been happier about the way my life is than I currently am.



What work have I done?


In the summer of 2015, I went to San Diego, California, where I shot numerous product videos and product photography for the company Embi Tec. This was undoubtedly the biggest task of my life, and I had a great experience doing it. It was not without its challenges, though, as it was basically a one-man operation. I operated the camera, controlled the audio recording, handled the editing, exporting, uploading. In the end, it was a truly fulfilling and surely the greatest journey and job I have ever had.





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